overstockdigital.COM  is a fraud!

RUN IF YOU still have your wallet or purse!


About Us

Where do you put your trust?



Are you ever safe enough?



THIS IS A WARNING FOR YOU Total Protection!!!

Do Not use Overstockdigital.com for any Camera or accessory purchases!

They play the bait and switch game!


How it works.

You make your purchase online and they will call you to verify your order.


They will review the order with you and then make what they call professional suggestions that will enhance your order.  For example if you order several lenses they will offer you one lens that they say will take the place of both lenses that may cost a few hundred dollars more.  If you try to back out of the deal they will say you have already made the purchase so you may as well go with the offers they have on the table. 


Once the order arrives it will not have any itemized prices on the invoice.  Just a lot of things you didn't order mixed in with one or two things you did order and it will end with a total dollar amount you spent.


If you decide to return the items they will charge you their shipping fee for shipping it to you plus 10% of the total cost of your original purchase plus you'll have to pay to have it shipped back.  If you are reading this you are one of the lucky ones!  Run while you have a chance and SPREAD THE WORD! 

to reach me directly for comment email me at nep.csc1@sbcglobal.net.